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Battery Pack
LG Battery
In this collection of illustrations titled Dones d'aigua (water women). Spanish artist and illustrator Sonia Alins depicts several women immersed almost completely underwater, just a head or foot poking out from the uncertain depths of cloudy liquid. A haunting tension emerges not only from the clever split view created by utilizing translucent paper to mimic water. but also from the slightly ambiguous situation of the figures.
Battery Management System
Battery Management System
The MACH® Battery Pack offers fully integrated protection and monitoring via the Cloud. The pack communicates with the vehicle via a wireless NFC interface. Internal microprocessors handle authentication and security, oversee the safety of the charge and discharge process, and monitor for fault events.
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Smart Bike
Smarter with every ride.
A single click on the “Smart Button” makes every ride more efficient. Smart mode tunes your torque and optimizes your power to help you go further and have more fun.